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Want to increase sales? Offer them scheme

Among all sales/discounts that are offered by various shopkeepers, online applications, etc., only 5% are genuine and rest 95% are fake but they are a sure shot way to attract the customers. There are many ways in which we can increase our sales. So let us have a look at them as we discuss some business tips/ sales tips here.

“Tips on How to Increase Sales” full video here

Tips to Increase Sales

  1. Discounts 50%+20%+20% (from 3:55 min)- It is a human tendency in the entire world that unless we get a scheme, we do not get attracted. The customer gets attracted to discounted products.
  2. Hobson’s Choice (from 5:24 min)- Show what the customer wants but sell what you want to sell. Like a few years Airtel came up with many plans like 299, 399, 599, 999, 1599 and 2099 but it gave more advantages in 599 plan because it wanted to sell that plan the most.
  3. 100% Cashback (from 7:36 min)- We often see100% cashback scheme in newspapers, applications etc. but there is a small “*” mark with it (which may go unnoticed at times). This * means conditions apply i.e. you would get the cashback upto a certain amount only. But customers get attracted seeing this offer.
  4. Buy One Get One (from 8:44 min)- Never let your customer go out sight, out of mind. In tele shopping, we often see discount offers which give an extra discount or offers like buy one get one for a certain time like 10min, 20min, 30min etc. The customers get attracted and are more likely to buy the product in that given time.
  5. Early Bird Discount (from 10:01 min)- Like first 50 people to buy/register will be given special discount.
  6. Jumbo Pack (from 10:13 min)- Giving an extra quantity for free on jumbo packs.
  7. Free Gifts (from 10:27 min)- Free gifts or coupons or voucher can also be given.
  8. Extension of Services (from 10:34 min)- Give some extension in service for some time for no extra charge.
  9. Free Shipping ((from 10:46 min)- Giving free shipping or door to door delivery can also be another way to increase the sales.
  10. Buy Today, Pay Later (from 10:53 min)- There is always some condition on this scheme so as a customer be very cautious if you buy in this scheme.
  11. Exchange Offer (from 11:13 min)- This is usually seen in mobiles and cars. Give your old mobile/car and get off on the new one.
  12. Extended Warranty (from 11:18 min)- The car sellers generally use this scheme to attract the customers.
  13. Free Accessories (from 11:23 min)- Car/mobile sellers offer some free accessories to sell their product.
  14. Subvension Scheme (from 11:27 min)- This is used in real estate business where the customer has to pay EMI only when they take the possession.
  15. Reward Points (from 11:42 min)- As it is given in credit cards.
  16. Free Trial (from 11:49 min)- This is used to give free trial for sessions/classes.
  17. Buy Back Guarantee (from 11:52 min)- Giving customers a refund/return guarantee like many online shopping app do these days.

“Tips on How to Increase Sales” full video here

It is very important to give your offers an attractive name so that the customers are aware why you are giving these offers.

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