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How not to Become a Bonded Labour in Your Business

In this we will discuss how to run your business even when you are not in the office. If your business can run only if you go to the office then you are the bonded labour of your business.

There can be many ways to run your business even without going. We will discuss one of the most important way here. Your habits tie you up with your business and you become a bonded labour.

You are the owner/MD of your business so as per the communication rule, you are at spot A. (watch from 0:55 min). Now the department head of finance, production, sales, purchase etc. would be at spot B under you. Spot C will be their team leaders and spot D will be their team member. Spot E is given to class 3 labour. Always follow the communication rule: A should communicate to B, B to C, C to D and D to E. What mistake you generally do is that you become impulsive at times and break the hierarchy of communication and you communicate directly with C, D or E.

So when they report to you for the work you assigned them directly, you get stuck in small tasks which may be done by someone else. So follow the communication rule so that you can get time for planning and idea generation which is actually your work.

Benefits of this hierarchy: (from 3:12 min)

  1. Managers are skilled in specific area.
  2. Your team will start functioning in a better & organized way.
  3. Clear promotional pathway.
  4. You will have time for other decisions.
  5. No tension, no worries.

Take care of the following things: (from 5:05 min)

  1. Never break the hierarchy.*
  2. Who would report to you?
  3. Departmental heads, driver, peon have to be directed by you.*

There are many disclaimers and ifs and buts to this. Here they are: (from 6:32 min)

  1. If B is absent.
  2. If B is in a meeting.
  3. If B is in a function.
  4. If B is not well.
  5. If quick action is needed.

In the above conditions, you will have to break the hierarchy and go to C. (from 7:31 min) Assign task to C and also inform B about the same by CC in email or whatsapp or call or put a slip on his table. Also, tell C that he has to report to B and not directly to you.

Watch full video (in Hindi) here.


In the following conditions, you may deliberately have to skip B and assign task to C.

  1. If it is confidential.
  2. If it is against B.

C should know that he has report to you only in the above two conditions (6 & 7). Other than these two, he has to report to B only.

Bring this hierarchy in your business habit.

Disadvantages of hierarchy: (11:56 min)

  1. Changing habit is difficult.
  2. Time consuming.
  3. Process becomes lengthy.

Follow the hierarchical structure if want to be the owner and not a bonded labour. Only B should report to you directly. You business would become organised with each person knowing whom to report to.

Watch full video (in Hindi) here.

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