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In business, there are mainly three types of meeting:

  1. With the vendor
  2. With the customers
  3. With the executives

In this video, we are discussing about the board room meeting you have with the executives.

First of all, what is the frequency of having the meeting (from 00:45 min)? It can be yearly, monthly, weekly or daily if required. Here we will talk about the weekly meetings which are generally held in big companies. If it is extremely important, then you may call for a sudden meeting also.

The next thing to consider is the right time to have the meeting (from 01:05 min). In some companies, they are held on Monday morning. But in this, you may not be able to review the previous week properly and also the current week’s planning may take up a lot of time. If you keep a meeting on Friday (or Saturday if it is working) evening. This would help you in reviewing the week, planning for the next week and proactiveness. In western countries, it is generally held on Tuesday afternoon after the lunch. In my suggestion, having a meeting on weekend in the evening is the best option.

Now we come to the etiquette of the business meetings (from 04:06 min). As a business owner, you follow the following business meeting etiquette.

Click here to watch the full video (in Hindi).

  1. Start as per schedule. If you do not start the meeting on time, the employees also may start coming late for the meeting. So it is important to start and end the meeting on time.
  2. Follow the agenda. Whatever the agenda of the meeting you have set, stick to it. Do not divert from it.
  3. Do not bring the guests. Only the people in the hierarchy with whom the meeting is related they should attend the meeting.
  4. Don’t discuss personal problems. As told earlier, stick to the agenda.
  5. Follow the dress code. Casual wear should not be accepted.
  6. Keep everything ready. Every email, every paper, every point to be discussed in the meeting should be ready beforehand. Every person should have a copy of it if that is needed.
  7. Give a break. If the meeting is for more than 60 minutes, then give a tea/coffee break or washroom break or any name that you wish to give. Giving a break would helping in maintaining the concentration of all and would rejuvenate them.
  8. Be a good listener. While you discuss on the points you have in the agenda, you must listen to others point of view also. You would get more ideas to reduce cost and make things more effective.
  9. Don’t argue. Even if somebody is irritating you with something, stay calm and do not start arguing.
  10. Say no to mobile phone. Even if you are the business owner, try not to use your mobile phone during the meeting. If you would follow this, the employees would do the same. You may use an I-pad or laptop for extracting things for the meeting. If you are an employee, then do not keep your mobile on the table.

Benefits of the Meeting (from 11:00 min):

  1. Quick results
  2. Cost effective
  3. Saves time
  4. Restates goals and objectives of the organization
  5. Team is aligned
  6. When in doubt, have a meeting
  7. Goals: Out of sight, out of mind
  8. Generates ideas

Click here to watch the full video (in Hindi).

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