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7 ways of Employee Management  

You should try to keep all your employees happy no matter on what position they are. They should feel that they are important for the company. This would increase their productivity. In this video, we would see 6 ways of managing your employees.

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1. A happy peon is your agent forever (from 00:48 min)- This does not mean keeping only the peons happy. All the employees in your company should be happy. One should be able to see from their body language how happy, how enthusiastic they are to work for the company.

A. Create a healthy work environment. Each of your employee should be happy when they enter the office and not just wait for the day to be over.

B. Don’t offer peanuts. Offer good salary to people. At less salary, you would mostly get people who do not have any other job or less educated and less productive.

2. Hiring people is an art, not a science (from 02:26 min)-

A. Employees: The best asset.

B. Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don’t interfere as long as the policy you’ve decided upon is being carried out.” – Ronald Reagan. If you keep an efficient employee, you would see that after some time you would not even have to poke your nose into the work he is doing and you would be free to do other important things.

C. Don’t trust resumes. We often just see the resume, take the interview and hire the person which is not a good thing to do. Check the candidates practically.

D. Hire & Fire. If the hired employee is not performing, fire him before he harms your organisation more.

E. Pick the right people. Offer them good salary.

F. Don’t be an emotional fool. You should take decisions of picking or firing employees mentally and not emotionally. You have to be strict.

G. Employ who can smile. If the candidate has smile, your customer would be happy. He/she cannot be trained for.

3. Good communication (from 04:58 min)- While employing a person, you must check the candidate’s communication skills as it plays a very important role for getting customers.

A. Don’t argue with customer. Your employee should always discuss any concern the customer has but never argue with him.

B. Don’t get angry. If the employee gets angry even once, the customer will never return to you. The customer may like your product but he feels insulted, he would never come back to your establishment.

C. Work culture. The work culture should be such that no one criticises the other and everyone is enthusiastic to work.

D. Team work. Everyone should feel connected to others and should happy to work in team.

4. Career Growth (from 05:46 min)- Your employees must know the career growth chart/hierarchy of your firm so that they motivated to reach to the next level.

A. Money, name, fame, identity- If the employee is able to see that if he works in a proper way then there is more money, name, fame and identity in the firm, then he would surely try to give his best.

B. No fixed salary. If the employee knows that there would be a hike of just few percent no matter how hard he works, he would never be willing to give his 100%.

C. Quit on first opportunity. If the employee feels lack of growth, he would look for better opportunities outside and would leave as soon as he finds one.
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5. Pay good salary (from 06:37 min)Most people work for money so they expect good amount for the work they do.

A. Create good environment. This really helps in increasing the efficiency the employees.

B. Don’t become a training house. You should be able to make out if an employee is thinking about leaving the job and then handle the situation with great care.

C. Never allow unnecessary leaves. If an employee is taking too many unnecessary leaves, then there may be chances that he is looking for another job. You have to be strict be such employees.

D. Inform rules at the time of joining. This is necessary because some employees take leaves immediately after joining and they keep looking for a better job.

E. “Good management consists in showing average people how to do the work of superior people.” – John Rockefeller

6. Business on Auto Pilot (from 08:01 min).

A. Work to table-chair.

B. Learn to lead.

C. Anyone may work if you have system. Even if an employee is absent, the other one should be able to take care of his part of work.

D. Work shouldn’t suffer. The system should be such that the absence of a person in an organization should not hamper the work.
7. Performance (from 09:01 min)- The true measure of the value of any business leader and manager is performance.

A. Cut your losses and move on. Check the employee’s performance for some time but if he is giving you losses then he is no good.

B. Hire & fire. Fire the inefficient employees immediately.

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