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LEARN ENGLISH 24X7- Myths & Truths

Learning a language is always considered a difficult task and it might be but then that does not mean that you shall give up. You can learn a language at any age. The only thing you need is your determination to learn it. If a person like me who failed thrice in school because of English can learn this language then why not you?

There are many myths which people believe in about learning English language. Let us see what are these myths and then we shall see what actually needs to be done.

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  1. Watch English movies- Can you learn swimming just by watching someone swim? No, you cannot. You need to go into the pool and then only you can learn it. Similarly, to learn English, you need to make some efforts to speak it. Just watching English movies can’t help you.
  2. Watch news in Hindi and English- I was told by people that if you want to improve your English, watch Hindi and English news and I started doing it. I watched it for years but nothing changed in me. So like Nike says “Just Do It”.
  3. Reading aloud- Reading aloud from newspapers, magazines, books etc. Can only help you in improving your pronunciation and not English language.
  4. Speak (unnecessarily)- If you try speaking with a person just for the sake of speaking, how long can you talk? 2min., 3min., 4min. Not more than that. It would be an unnecessary talk which would not be very useful to you.
  5. Talking with customer care- People think that customer care executives generally have good communication skills so speaking with them would help in improving English. But how many times can you speak with them about the same thing? Not many times so it is not practically possible.
  6. Taking YouTube tutorials (and not practicing)- Many people just keep watching tutorial to learn English without practicing the same. But knowing is knowing and doing is doing so if you do not practice what you watch, it will all go waste.
  7. Speak English with rule- People have this misunderstanding that if they want to learn English, they must learn grammar first. This is absolutely not true. You learn grammar after learning to speak and write. You will only get confused this way.
  8. You can learn English only in school- People make this excuse that they do not have command over English because they did not go to a good convent school. Yes, this is just an excuse. Those thousands of children who could never go to school, don’t they speak Hindi or their native language?

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If these are myths, then how do you learn to speak a language?

Here are some truths. 

  1. You can learn a language by listening-speaking, listening-speaking, listening-speaking.

Solution1- Converse daily in English- As said above, you learn a language by listening and speaking so you have to converse in English every day to learn it.

  1. You improved you English in the past- You improved your English but because there has not been an atmosphere of English speaking at home, at work and among friends so you have forgotten the language or you are not comfortable with it.

Solution2- The ‘I Go, You Go’ technique made English learning really easy for me but am I perfect? No, I am not. I still work on improving myself daily.

  1. Excellence in any language is not possible- Yes this is a bitter truth that excellence in a language is not very much possible. But you may keep getting better and better.

Solution3- CAMBLY App- This app is basically to practice English with best of the teachers from different countries for as much or as less time as you want. You can talk to them at any time, you can learn grammar, vocabulary or you can ask them to give you a topic or whatever way you want the talk to be.

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Follow the above tips to improve yourself and keep yourself away from the myths of learning a language.

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