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When you are working under a boss then you must remember that there are only and only two rules.

Rule No.1: Boss is always right.

Rule No. 2: If Boss is wrong, refer to Rule No.1.

So, the crux is that boss can never be wrong.

Every now and then, employees keep trying to keep their boss happy. They do many things and think of different ideas to create an impression on their boss.

There are mainly two ways in which you can keep your boss happy.

The first one is hard work and the other one is smart work. What kind of work you choose to do shows what kind of personality you have.

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In this post, we will see how to impress your boss by doing hard work.

Here are some tips to make your boss happy with your HARD WORK:

  1. Complete the work before deadline. Whatever work is allotted to you by your boss, make sure you do it before the deadline or just on the day and not after that. This would create a good impression and your boss would be happy.
  2. Try to work alone. Boss will never spoon-feed you. He will never provide you resources and team to you. Don’t expect anything from your boss. Do everything on your own.
  3. Inform him everything. Whenever you are delegating some work, always keep your boss informed. Cc or Bcc the mail to your boss so that in case something goes wrong, you would not be held responsible.

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  1. Work, even if the Boss is not around. Most of the bosses think that nobody works in their absence so if you want to keep your boss happy, work even when your boss is not around. Think that someone is watching you- maybe your subordinate or a CCTV.
  2. Never say NO to your Boss. You must not deny any work that your boss gives to you. Similarly, Boss will never say No directly- If the Boss says Yes, that means Maybe and If the Boss says Maybe, that means No and If the Boss says No, he is not a Boss.

In short, if you want to go the “hard work” way to impress your boss, you will just have to work, work and work. Don’t ask for an appraisal and not even for salary. You would be able to keep your boss happy this way.

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In the next post we will learn some tips to keep the Boss happy with Smart Work.

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