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In the previous post we learnt two rules when you are working under a boss.

Rule No.1: Boss is always right.

Rule No. 2: If Boss is wrong, refer to Rule No.1.

In short, the boss can never be wrong.

We have already read about the “hard work” technique of keeping your boss happy. But if you are not willing to do hard work and be available 24X7 but still want to keep your boss happy then the Smart Work technique would work the best for you.

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Let us now see some tips to make your boss happy with your SMART WORK:

  1. Never tell him that he is wrong. This is something that a boss can’t accept. If his ego gets hurt, you may lose your job. So never tell him that he is wrong, even when he actually is.
  2. Be surprised on his little achievements. Do not flatter your boss. Flattery is foolish but appreciate him for even the smallest of achievements. Make his small achievements look really big.
  3. Laugh on all his jokes. Even if his joke is not worth a laugh, just laugh a bit. He should know that yes it was a joke.
  4. Admit – don’t admit mistakes. Here are some situations to tell you where you should admit and where you should not admit your mistake.
Yes Yes —- —- Yes
Yes X Yes —- Yes
Yes X X X Yes
Yes X X Yes X


  1. Never become an open book. Say what your boss wants to hear and not what you want to tell him. Also, be a good listener. Listen carefully to what your boss tells you.
  2. Tell him your achievements. Do what you say and say what you do. Tell about the work you have done. Spread a word about your achievements. If you do 10 things but the boss comes to know about only 2 things then as per him you have done only 2 things. So, make sure that you tell him about all the 10 things you did.
  3. Show as if you don’t know. If your Boss tells you about some general fact or some news (that is not related to your work) that you already know, pretend as if you do not know. Let’s say he tell you an update about a match but you know already know a more recent update than what your boss is telling you, just keep quiet and express as if you are hearing it for the first time. If the talk is about your subject, then this is not applicable because then it would be counted as ignorance.
  4. Show excitement. If your boss is good looking, talks really well and is too good at his work, keep a smile on your face and show that you are excited to work with him. And if he does not have any of these qualities, then also keep smiling as it would show your excitement and would make him feel important and that’s what a Boss wants.
  5. Become the solution, not the problem. A Boss likes the person who comes up with some solution to the problem and not just keeps bringing the problems. If you are going with a problem, make sure that you also have some solution to it.
  6. Make your boss dependent on you. Let’s say there is a task which only you or one more person can do. Take this task in your hands. You might have to do some overtime but you will be able to impress your Boss and he might fire the other person after some time. And then your Boss will be totally dependent on you.

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Now that we discussed two ways by which you can keep your Boss happy- by hard work or by smart work, look at the situation at your workplace and then see which strategy would work for you. If your Boss would be happy, you would be safe at your job as your Boss will be by your side.

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