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गंदा है मगर धंधा है || Season 2 || Episode 4 || Business Tips and Tricks by Anurag Aggarwal

In the previous video, you saw many business tips and tricks given by the business trainer Mr. Anurag Aggarwal.

And in this post, here are some more tips and tricks that you may apply in your business to get more success, name and fame.

Without fighting, without any fuss, you should be able to take out payments from others.

How do Amazon or Flipkart or other online market places manage to lend to others? How do they withdraw money from others? These simply take either advance payment from you or COD (Cash on Delivery). They do not do anything that creates a tension. One of my students, Varun Gupta, told me that if I do not get paid from a customer, I start getting mixed up with his neighbour. The customer gets tensed, he feels that he might lose his reputation in the neighbourhood and having this fear, he makes the payment. It may be dirty but this is business!

People should come to know that you are philanthropist.

Who do you think will be the hero of the year 2020? Salman? No! Shahrukh? No! Akshay Kumar? No! Sonu Sood will be the hero of 2020! Why? That’s because he brought thousands of migrant workers home! Despite being a villain, his image has become above that of “Danveer Karan” of Mahabharata! People should come to know that you are philanthropist.

Never pretend in front of your superior.

Author Robert Green of ‘48 Laws of Power’ says in the first chapter of this book “Never outshine the master”. Never look down on someone who is superior to you. And if you are a senior, in a political party, then you have to do the reverse of it. Use the one below you, take all the work from him and never let him rise above you. If he rises, he will get the ticket, not you!

If the leader does what he says, then who will call him the leader?

All governments make “promises”, but who keeps them? And if they do, then who will call them leaders?

My friend Ajay Gupta told that a few days before the lockdown, his supplier knew that the market is falling, the customer is not buying the goods! But he called up Ajay and  kept lying one after another. He kept lying that the goods will either not come anymore or will come at double rate. And we are not even giving it to everyone but you. Arrange payment, show payment, and we will deliver goods!

Result? Ajay has bought four times the goods and today it is lockdown. It has been four months since the purchase of goods but everything is on hold. In the business, lies, fraud, everything happens! And you and I also come in these people! It is dirty but business!

Use girl models in commercials of every product (even if it is a men’s undergarment)

Getting your company advertised? Of men’s undergarments? And you still do it with the modelling girl! People think here I wear AMUL MACHO and here I get a girl in my life! Here I buy fruity and here Katrina Kaif in my arms! Here I put deodorant and I will have to run away as so many girls will fall upon me. Now think, what is the work of the girl in the commercial of men’s undergarments? Without modelling from girls, cars do not sell, car tyres do not sell, motorcycles do not sell! It is dirty but business!

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