Business Tips & Tricks for Business Success by Anurag Aggarwal
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5 Tips and Tricks for Business Success

I am your business coach Anurag Agarwal. Here you will learn Chanakyanitiyan of business (business tips and tricks). If you are not a businessman, today’s tips and tricks for a business can disturb you. Let’s get started!

Business Tips and Tricks (व्यापार की चानाक्य नितियाँ)

1. Don’t put the bait that you like! Put the bait that the victim likes!

If you want to trap a rat, don’t give him the bread you like, give the bread that the rat likes! If you want to trap the fish, don’t give what you like, give what the fish likes! Similarly, if you are doing business, give your customer what he wants and not what you like. If you try to sell what you like, you may lose your customer.

2. Convince the customer, if not, confuse him!

There are ten designs in your shop!

Case study 1- You like Design A, customer likes Design B! You only want to sell design A! Customer likes B. Just give B to the customer or neither A will sell nor B! The customer will never come back! Give what the customer likes! Now let’s start its IFs and BUTs.

Case Study 2- The situation is the same, you like Design A, the customer likes Design B! You want to sell A because design A is good, design B is old! Do you want customers to come back again and again? Explain, convince! If he does not understand, then give him what he likes, Design B!

Case Study 3- The situation is still there, you like Design A, the customer likes Design B! You only want to sell A but you want to sell because design A has a lot of stock, if not sold quickly it will be dead and together with design A your profit is high, and B does not have stock at all! And then, Design B is with your competitor. And you do not want the customer to go to your competitor, even then you have to convince as in case study-2 first. There are some people who are sensible and do not get convinced. So, you have to confuse them! A confused customer is when he cannot make a decision! Show so many designs to the customer that he gets confused! Hey, where have I come! Totally confused! By showing too many designs, he forgets Design B and looking at the versatility, gets impressed, and buys some other design! Take care, the customer should not go to your competitor! So, convince first and if not, confuse him!

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3. In business, convince the customer, if not, confuse, or if not, corrupt!

Case study 4- Customer has come asking for Design B but you do not have Design B. You have all types of designs but design B. Now you have to fully convince, if not, then confuse him, and even then, if the customer does not agree, he has come with mind makeup, he is stuck on one thing then corrupt the customer! Keep Design B with you and keep it in huge quantities and start selling it at an extremely low price! This will destroy the competitor! It is called corrupting, ruining the market! If not yours, then nobody else’s either!

4. Pump up the ego of your customer

Insincerely maybe but first pump up your customer’s ego. Make him feel better. He should get a false sense of confidence or superiority. Then, he would be your customer forever.

5. A businessman has to be 98% honest and have 2% street smartness!

Socrates said that an honest man is always a child. Every businessman should have street smartness! Chanakya says do not misinterpret my policies, they do not mean to cheat others! Make tricks in the business, but if you find a cheater, then just remove him! So, the policy is… you have to be 98% honest! Be as much honest as possible!