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Do you get a Job or Just Fake Promises?

Employees, as well as the corporates both, lie to each other at some point in time and none of them may be wrong. It’s a matter of survival for both. Today, the one who is able to survive wins. Here, Mr. Anurag Aggarwal, a business coach and a public speaking trainer, tells about some corporate lies and some fakes promises that many corporates make.

Corporate Lie No. 1 – Employee matters to us (from 0.52 min)

Corporate Lie No. 2 – It is an 8 hours job (from 2.05 min)

Fake Promise No. 3 – Comfortable environment (from 2.45 min)

Fake Promise No. 4 – We have a work culture and ethics in our company (from 3.35 min)

Fake Promise No. 5 – You will get promotion (from 4.32 min)

Fake Promise No. 6 – We will give you all the training (from 5.31 min)

Fake Promise No. 7 – You are getting the maximum salary (from 6.22 min)

Fake Promise No. 8 – 30 days notice (from 7.43 min)

Corporate Lie No. 9 – Honesty (from 8.51 min)

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