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When starting up a business, you need to be a risk-taker. This is because not every day sales will go up. Somedays, the sales will be meagre and the profit so small. In this section, we will learn the few steps to take to boost your sales. To increase sales in your business, you should… Continue reading HOW TO GROW YOUR SALES

Business Training

Attracting Customers Using Fake Expressions

In this video, Mr. Anurag Aggarwal, a business trainer, tells how a businessman should fake expressions sell and how you can attract and increase your customers using these fake expressions. He gives examples of various businesses that use these fake things to attract their customers.

15 tips to sell expensive products| Business Trainer Anurag Aggarwal
Business Training

15 Tips to Sell Expensive Products

For some businessmen, it is not an easy task to sell their products and if these products are expensive ones, it gets even more difficult for them. A businessman must know some basic tips to sell their products, especially the expensive products. Business trainer Mr. Anurag Aggarwal gives 15 tips on how you can sell… Continue reading 15 Tips to Sell Expensive Products

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Is every businessman able to handle his employees with ease? Can you do it? There are many entrepreneurs who face difficulty in managing even ten employees. There are many entrepreneurs who face many issues but hesitate to take business training or take the guidance of a business coach. You would be surprised to know that… Continue reading PUT YOUR BUSINESS ON AUTO PILOT MODE

How to get work done from employees| Anurag Aggarwal| Business Coach| Business Trainer
Business Training


Today's topic is very meaningful for the businessmen: how to get the work done in your office, in the factory from employees, or labour!!! Point-1: Even if something is difficult, it will have some solution. There is not one way to get employees to work, there are many ways. We need a way in which… Continue reading EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT- HOW TO GET THE WORK DONE