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Is every businessman able to handle his employees with ease? Can you do it? There are many entrepreneurs who face difficulty in managing even ten employees. There are many entrepreneurs who face many issues but hesitate to take business training or take the guidance of a business coach.

You would be surprised to know that India’s 5th richest man Dilip Sanghvi has 32,000 employees working for him, 4th richest man Shiv Nadar, owner of HCL Technologies has 1.5 lakh employees, 3rd richest man Laxmi Mittal has 3.2 lakh, 2nd richest man Azim Premji, owner of Infosys has 2.25 lakh employees and the richest man in India Mukesh Ambani has approximately 2 lakh employees. And if you talk about the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon, he has 6.5 lakh employees working under him. Do you know that Walmart has the largest number of employees working and that is 22 lakh.

Now how do they handle them? Is it possible to handle your employees without going to office? When these people can manage lakhs of employees without going to office, then why is it difficult for you to manage even 10-20 employees?

Here are a lot of points to see why it may be difficult for you to auto pilot your business.

Can you put your Business on Auto Pilot?

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It is difficult to auto-pilot your business under following situations:

  1. If your business transactions are mainly in cash, there are no invoices.
  2. If your business is illegal.
  3. If there is no hierarchy, no departments, department heads.
  4. If you do not delegate the tasks and do all by yourself thinking that nobody is better than you.
  5. You are doing the firefighting yourself.
  6. If your earnings are just in pennies
  7. If you have small business
  8. If your business is out of control
  9. Delayed decision making makes it difficult to auto pilot the business
  10. If there is no entry barrier, any Tom, dick or Harry can enter your business field
  11. No System of Procedures (SOPs)
  12. If you go to your office 6 days a week from 9 am to 9 pm
  13. No fixed working hours
  14. No HR department
  15. If there is no automation, no system
  16. If there is no executive meeting at least once a week
  17. If there are no MIS reports
  18. If you have anger, feeling of hatred, jealousy and revenge
  19. If you have CC limit, term deposits and unnecessary loans
  20. If your business has dead stock or perishable goods (it may be difficult but not impossible)
  21. If you keep the major profits and give thin profit margins to others
  22. If you go to police station often, if you have court cases, litigation, womanizing, temptations of the world, it is not just difficult but very difficult to auto pilot your business
  23. If have the greed to try and do everything to earn money
  24. If you are not eager to learn
  25. If you have too many tasks in your pending list
  26. If no one is ready to take the responsibility of pending work in your office

Click here to watch full video (in Hindi)

It is easy for a businessman to auto-pilot the business, to get the business going without his presence in the office under following situations:

  1. If you have huge profit margins.
  2. If you have thin profit margin, then also it may be easy to auto pilot
  3. If you have large business
  4. If human intervention is really less
  5. If you have intelligent & experienced staff
  6. If you are educated and experienced
  7. If there is less competition in your business field
  8. If you have strong branding and strong market value
  9. If you are disciplined, you are strong minded, you do gymming, you have a happy family
  10. No sales staff required
  11. If you have passive income, you get rentals
  12. If you have outsourced all the tasks of your business
  13. If you have hired employees on commission basis or who are agents
  14. If you have a personal secretary or a virtual secretary
  15. If your business is looking up
  16. If you have honest staff
  17. If your business is in an honest city, honest country
  18. If your data is secured, if your business is secured

So, check out the above points for your business and see if you can bring your business to auto pilot mode or what steps you may take to bring it to auto pilot mode and run your business without going to office.

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