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Today’s topic is very meaningful for the businessmen: how to get the work done in your office, in the factory from employees, or labour!!!

Point-1: Even if something is difficult, it will have some solution. There is not one way to get employees to work, there are many ways. We need a way in which we can get more work done in less time without any resentment, without employees getting angry, with their cooperation and happiness. Do something that the employees are happy and the owner gets the work. The success of a businessman depends on whether he can get more work and good work from less employees or he is stupid enough to get less work from more employees.

Niti Kapoor manufactures modular kitchen in Gurugram. She found it difficult that her employees would go on a holiday for Holi or Diwali but would return after three to four days of leave. Twelve holidays of the year were becoming 24 holidays. Factory yields were becoming low and the employees were also suffering as their money was deducted. Reprimanding did not lead to a solution. Listen to how she got a solution for more holidays, what she did so that the employees were happy, the holidays were reduced and the factory losses also ended. There are easy solutions to many big problems. Watch here (in Hindi):

Niti Kapoor spoke with the employees collectively and asked them which 12 holidays do they want and those 12 holidays were fixed for all so that they do not take any extra leave. So, big problems can be solved with a relaxed, cold mind, thinking and taking steps. Scolding every time, removing shortcomings, deducting money on more holidays, firing someone is not always a solution.

Point-2: Watch this video (in Hindi) before listening to the next mantra.

Shyam’s video gives a simple logic, do not think that it is enough to pay the employees. Do not think that if they are paid, they have to work and they will give their best. Companies all over the world do much more than salary for their employees, they give a lot of incentives and facilities to the employees so do the same for your employees. Help them in their tough times and be there with them in their happy times also. A happy employee is your agent forever.

Point-3: Don’t just give incentive to the sales team, give it to others also! Most traders give incentives, schemes but only to sales and marketing people. Result! The rest have no interest in working from the heart! Others are jealous when they see this happening. Look at this video (in Hindi) to see how Saurabh Sharma solved this issue in his furniture showroom:

Don’t give incentives only to the sales team, let others also make incentives! As I told you in the video, the tip given by you in all five star hotels is shared even in the staff where the employees do not come forward, like small cooks!

So moral of the story is don’t just encourage the sales team, give a chance to others also.

Point-4: “Give & Take Philosophy”

I took this method from Dale Carnegie’s book thirty years ago and applied it in my garment factory many times. This method works very well every time. Every two-three years, whenever I have problems with workers & staff about their attendance, their punctuality, their productivity, I would gather them in a hall and ask what do you guys want from us? The answer would be: sir we need a holiday extra in a month! We need bonus or increase in salary or medical-dental etc. And I say okay! Given! Now tell me what do I want from you? They themselves used to say that I want results in sales, no absence, and come on time – go on time! Not to misuse the property & the resources of the office. Then I would ask that if I give them the things they asked for, will you also give me all this? The answer comes with excitement: Yes!! And after that everyone used to work enthusiastically. Everyone feels it as their own factory, feels familiar! We just think about what we want! I love this method of Dale Carnegie to remove the rift between owners and the staff and I use it even today when needed. And I do this once every two to four years.

Watch full video (in Hindi) here

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