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In the previous post we talked about some people who had no money, no employees when they started but now they are among the top most millionaires in the world. Let us continue to take a few more examples of such businessmen.


Have you heard the name of the BYJU’S app? This app was started in 2015, today it is close to 5-6 trillion. Started from Bangalore, this app has spread to many countries today. It is one of the top five startups in India. It takes a lot of hard work time to become a billionaire by traditional business. If we talk about Mukesh Ambani, it took 60-70 years for him and his father to become a millionaire.

Click here to watch full video in Hindi.

But there are so many digital businesses like BYJU’S App which are becoming a billionaire only in 6-7 years, not in 60-70 years. If you take the advantage of internet, without much money, without much effort, your company can be brought to the news very quickly. Did BYJU’S have enough money when it started? Were there too many employees? Both of his parents were teachers and even Byju was an employed person.

He was not even fond of teaching or studying. His interest was in sports. BYJU loved playing. He never tried to do business. Everyone was in service in his family and he did the same. He had no money. BYJU became a teacher as soon as he taught his friends free lessons, soon he opened his institute, earned more money by teaching, and with this money he took more steps. He earned more money from it. And when the money came, tell me what else he did? He made more money from that money.

He bought a gaming app worth 35 billion rupees a few months ago to take his business further. So now BYJU puts billions in his business. And he is confident that he will do it and he does. So what have we learned? BYJU did not invest money at first, he kept earning and spending money and now he spends billions so easily as if it is nothing for him.

If you see closely, you would notice that all big business started from a garage.

If you do not have money, then it’s good because then only you will hurry, you will try hard and try to win in some way. On the contrary, if you have a lot of money, you will reduce hard work, you will try to achieve success with money and not with your mind. So it is better to have no money. People ask whether business worth crores of rupees be started without money? Yes, this is what is happening all around you. There are many examples around us! At home and abroad.

Not just business, even if you want the whole country, you can make it rich despite being in bad shape and bad condition!

The England whose sun never sunk, the same England was beaten so much in the second world war that there was no money to run the country, there was no money to fix the bombed buildings and they had even lost their courage to run that countries they ruled!

Click here to watch full video in Hindi.

And not only England, many countries like Japan, Poland, France, Germany had very bad condition. In the second world war, about 5 to 8 crore people were killed. That means every country lost millions and millions.

Do you believe this is right? And now how are these countries? These are developed countries, rich countries! They earn & they use money! And they go on becoming richer & richer. I understand running a country is similar to running a business.

And by the way, you would also know that these political parties do not do any social work, they also run the business. They have also become billionaires today by following this principle. There was no money in the pocket! They kept making money & investing it. Let’s leave politics, let’s go back to business!

So, we were talking about taking the steps slowly. Taking steps slowly is not wrong. Yes, it is wrong not to take steps! Walt Disney used to say … the way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing! Enough of talks! Get up and start a business… and take care… no business is small and no religion bigger than business!

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