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You must have heard the name of Jeff Bezos?

Have you heard about Amazon?

Jeff Bezos is the owner of Amazon.

Today Jeff Bezos is one of the richest person in the world.

His company Amazon’s value is around three and a half trillion, the whole world knows him.

He is very rich, but do you know that when he started 25 years ago in 1994, then they would definitely had at least 500 people?

Otherwise it will be at least 50!!

You will be surprised to know that there was not a single employee.

Jeff Bezos rather worked as an employee and started alone when he started. He had quit his good job and started selling books online and had not sold a single book for the first 1 year.

Many of you must be thinking that then he would have definitely had a big property or a very big office. Since I am a business coach, many people call me and say in the comment section, there is no place for our office, no money, no employee so how to start business now. Jeff Bezos, had neither money nor place nor a business trainer. There wasn’t any employee too. He started from a garage in the house.

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You must have heard the name of Bill Gates, the owner of the Microsoft and the world’s richest person! He must be still be one of the top ten richest people in the world. Do you know that when Bill Gates and Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft) started Microsoft, they started from a garage, they also had limited resources? They were school children and had little money. Often Bill Gates would sleep on the ground while working on a computer. Did Bill Gates or Paul Allen have a lot of money? Did they have too many properties? Were there too many employees?

No, they were school children! He too started his company without any money.

It is clear, you do not have to invest money first, you have to make money first and you have to make more money from that money and you will have to make more money from the money that will come to you. Just keep doing it and this is what businessis.

The whole world is doing it so when will you start? It seems you are waiting that money will come first, then you will take the place, hire the employees because the business runs with place, employees and money only.

This is a big misconception though in some cases, it may be right.

You are a businessman, you are going to start with another new business, you have a lot of experience of doing business, you have trust then you should surely invest money in business. Your chance of making mistakes would be very low. If you want, you may take some business training too.

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If Mukesh Ambani invests thirty trillion in a new business of Jio, then he is not stupid. He has already played in the business game! He knows how to make 30,000 trillion by putting 30 trillion! For an experienced manufacturer, it would be stupidity to spread the business without investing money in it. He must invest money and it will multiply the money.

But at the same time, if you do not have experience and money to do business, but you want to do business, I would say that it is the right situation. You should start, this is the right time for you. The lack of money is not a curse for you, it is a blessing. First earn two pennies, and then earn four pennies with those 2 pennies, then 8, 16, then 32 pennies and so on…

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You must be thinking that who has so much time to make money? This will take hundreds of years! Let’s make a deal? I will deposit one crore in your bank every day for the next 31 days, and you will give me one rupee on the first day, two on the second day, four on the third day, eight on the fourth day, sixteen on the fifth day and will continue to double just like that for 31 days!

Many of you will also know this example! In 31 days, I will have given you 31 crore rupees. But do you know the result of this compounding? How much money will you give me in 31 days? You might be thinking two hundred or four hundred or two thousand? Or you would have thought up to two lakhs only! Do you know that by adding this way, you would have given me more than a hundred crores! Einstein called this compounding interest the eighth wonder of the world! Never place all your eggs in one basket!

You have to start the business at your own pace and lesser than your worth! Because mistakes will happen! Starting with less will keep you safe! We were talking about Mukesh Ambani, if he had to earn 30,000 trillion, then he too started with only 30 trillion which is a very small amount if compared to 30,000 trillion. Even really smart people make mistakes in the business! Higher the mountain, smaller the steps! The higher and tougher the mountain, the smaller steps you must take! This is business, one mistake and everything you earned will be lost! And who would have known this thing more than me!

Here is the link of my video in which I have told how in 1996 I was a big businessman, but did a big mistake and I was just saved from being bankrupt.

That means mistakes are bound to happen in business! It is obvious.

We would continue to talk about some more people who have become millionaire in a short span of time in our next post. If you wish to take business training from the Business Coach Mr Anurag Aggarwal, feel free to contact us at 7834-99-9292.