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When you do business, you may come across situations which are not in your favour, you may incur loss and you may lose your customers during this time if they are not tackled in a professional manner. You may turn such a situation for or against you depending on how you react. Reacting with a negative approach may ruin it further.

Here are some tips that may save you from breaking down in the time of crisis.

  1. Don’t panic. The situation may seem to be really difficult for you in business but losing your calm would not make it better. If something goes wrong, take the responsibility and stay connected with your customers. Tell them that you are making efforts to improve the situation. Don’t hide things from them. If you have a good reputation with your customers, they will surely understand you in such a situation.
  2. React wisely. If you would doubt yourself for the situation you are in, your customers would also do the same. So first clear your thoughts, talk to someone you trust, exercise, meditate, shout, cry or do as you wish before you talk to your customer. Your customers are not interested in what you are going through, they just look for an answer for how things would get better.
  3. Take the responsibility. Making excuses, blaming others for what happened, trying to hide the truth is not a good thing to do. Your customers may feel even worse when they would come to know the truth from some other source. You may apologize for any kind for inconvenience caused to your customers like delayed delivery, increased cost etc. After apologizing, focus on its solution.
  4. An abuse should never be accepted. It’s easy to make most of the customers understand the situation but there will always be some exceptions. There will be a few customers who would be really disappointed and so extremely angry on you. You should try to listen to their frustration but if they try to humiliate you, curse you, insult you then you must put some limit.
  5. Show effortless professionalism. Your expertise matters for your customer. Your ability to solve the problems counts. Give updates to your customer on what you are doing and how much is the problem solved. Discuss with them if required.

You will always face ups and downs. What is important is to learn from them, accept them as they come. Try to solve the issues rather than worrying about them. You may take the guidance of a close friend, mentor or a business coach.

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