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What is a debate?

A debate is a contest, or, perhaps, like a game, where two or more speakers present their arguments intent on persuading one another.

Benefits of a debate

The debater learns to use a library, and tries to find the exact information he needs in the shortest possible time. He learns to be thorough and accurate. He learns to analyze and distinguish between the vital and the unimportant. He learns the need of proving his statements with evidence and reasoning—and he learns to demand the same from the opposite side. He learns to present ideas in a clear, concise and effective manner, and in a way which wins others to his way of thinking. In a word, the essential point in any debating situation is that of convincing the listener that your side of the proposition is valid and valuable.

“Debate trained me to analyze and articulate the complex national issues that confront our country today. Too, it was a tremendous help in campaign debates for my House and Senate seats… My intercollegiate debate training was the most valuable experience that I had at Penn State. I derived benefits from it far beyond the normal extracurricular activity that it encompassed.” Richard S. Schweiker, Former Pennsylvania Congressman and Senator, Former Secretary of Health and Human Services.

“It was my experience with debating and public speaking in both high school and college that led me to become a lawyer, and ultimately, a member of Congress.” Paul E. Kanjorski, Pennsylvania Congressional Representative

Debate is the ultimate mind exercise. It develops the thinking process of the person and also his knowledge to a large extent.

To prepare for a debate all you need is:

  • Time to gather the information about the topic.
  • Confidence to speak in front of other debaters. Your good communication skills will surely help.
  • Respect for other debaters who are presenting their point of view.


Steps to prepare for a debate

There are a lot of chances of people having a debate in some time of their life. It may beat school or work or even at home. Here are some steps to prepare yourself better for your upcoming debate.

  • The first and the foremost step in preparing for a debate is spending your time on it most efficiently. Just having an opinion is not enough to win a debate, you must be ready with proofs and evidences for your side of the argument. For all these, a hardcore research on the topic is essential, so spend your time on it. And donot research on the points for your side of argument but also you should know what points may be kept forward by the opposition.

“A good debater must not only study material in support of his own case, but he must also, of course, thoroughly analyze the expected argument of his opponent. The give and take of debating, the testing of ideas, is essential to democracy. I wish we had a good deal more debating in our educational institutions than we do now.” John F. Kennedy, August 22, 1960

  • It is a known fact that stronger your point of argument, the better your presentation will be. So try to include such point that are relevant to the topic and are not known to many people. This would give your debate an upper hand.
  • Learn to communicate your points effectively. If your communication with the audience is not effective and impressive then no matter how much efforts you put in finding out the details of the topic, they would be worthless. Practice it as many times as you can. Practice it with your friend, colleagues, family members or anyone. Don’t forget to practice before the mirror. This would build up your confidence.
  • If you want respect, then first learn to respect others. You must respect other debaters and give them a chance to speak their point of view even if you are cent percent convinced with yours. Not giving a chance to speak may put off the other debaters.
  • Be prepared with the facts to contradict the arguments that would be raised by the other participants. Many a times, you are already aware of the points that may be raised so prepare yourself for that accordingly.

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  1. wonderful article explaining almost evrythng that is required for preparing for a debate. This is surely gonna help me a lot.

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