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Tips on Giving a PowerPoint Presentation

In today’s world where we see so many big companies, knowledge of PowerPoint to give presentations is of utmost importance. Although not many people, including top hierarchy people have acquaintance with PowerPoint but they try using their impactful presentation skills to give their best.

12417908_1136906526334644_1955758889596504717_nThe following few tips on power-point presentation can give a boost to your business presentations with your presentation skills:

  • Avoid putting up too many graphics and other creative thing on your slides. They can be distracting.
  • The audience has come to hear from you and not just to watch the images that you are showing onto a screen. It is necessary to make a strong PowerPoint Presentation, but make sure that your spoken remarks are equally persuasive if you have those presentation skills.
  • Most PowerPoint users simply read the visual presentation to the audience. This should be strictly avoided. PowerPoint works best with spoken remarks that expand and discuss.
  •  A solid background with distinct text and a small logo of the company in the corner is all that you should have.
  • Import images, videos and graphics from the internet instead of sticking to the ones available in the PowerPoint. This would appeal the audience more and you may get even better pictures to suit your topic.
  • Keep your text on the slides crisp, to the point, crystal clear.
  • Capitalize only the first letter of each title, bullet or phrase.
  • Do not have more than six bullets per slide. Put as little of text as possible on each bullet.
  • Bullets should not be sentences; they may be phrases.
  • Avoid sub-bullets as far as possible.
  • Make only one key point on each slide.
  • ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, put it together with quotes, graphs etc.
  • Do not overdo animations as again they can distract the minds of the audience.
  • While making a presentation, keep your slide template the same throughout.
  • Try to distribute handouts at the end and not during the presentation unless necessary. Distributing handouts in between the presentation may make the audience busy in reading them and not paying attention to the speaker.
  • Edit your presentation carefully. Never lose the viewpoint of the audience. If something seems to be unappealing or confusing, edit it ruthlessly.

The above tips and your presentation skills together can make you a star presenter. You only need to keep these things in mind and practice.

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