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More Tips for an Effective Presentation

In the previous post we read about how we can prepare ourselves physically and mentally for a presentation. Below are some more tips that will help you in your presentation and will improve your public speaking skills.


Preparing Materials to support your presentation

The key to prepare your presentation is to remember that less is more. A few guidelines to a good presentation:

  • Keep text to a minimum. Do not put more than 5 bullet points per slide. People tend to lose interest in what you are speaking while reading this stuff.
  • Check for contrast and font size. Make sure that it is readable.
  • Use pictures where possible to get your idea across. They can be remembered more easily.
  • Keep the notes short and simple. Their purpose is only to serve as a reminder.
  • Check the resolution of your presentation. To be safe, go for 800×600.
  • Complicated charts and graphs should be avoided. Audience may get confused.

While giving the Presentation

A few things to be remembered when giving the presentation:

  • Be optimistic.
  • Telling stories will make your idea clearer than charts, graphs and numbers. They also help in engaging your audience.
  • Don’t read your slides or notes. They should only play the role of supporters to what you are saying.
  • Keep your introduction short yet strong.
  • Keep your speech or the presentation slow and steady.
  • Don’t be anxious over mistakes.  Don’t apologize. Stay confident and just move on.
  • Take pauses at appropriate times. This would also give your audience time to absorb what you presented.
  • Smile, joke and laugh when needed. Don’t try to overdo anything.
  • Make your ending crisp, clean and powerful.
  • Prepare yourself for interruptions and questions.

If you’ve got more tips, feel free to share with us.

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