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There has always been a fight over money and property ever since the tie of Mahabharata. There are many examples in the history about the same thing.

I was also betrayed by my friends in 1993 when I was in garments business. I also started another business of property in Noida in 2010, and I started it with my friends as team members. The business was not doing well in 2010 but as soon as it took off in 2011 and we started selling the properties, my friends betrayed me by opening their own offices in the same field.

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In this video we will know 5 reasons why we should not trust our friends and also 5 reasons why we should use our enemies.

Here are 5 reasons you should not trust your friends (from 2:38 min):

5. Friends are not skilled and competent. You employ them only because of trust and not because of their skills. Business cannot be run only by trust, system is needed for it. You don’t interview your friend. It is seen that when you start a business with a friend or relative, it is generally not successful. The reason being you both are of same competence.

4. “Sab Chalta Hai” Attitude. You tend to ignore many mistakes done by your friend may be to save your relationship.

3. You don’t fire your friend. You are bound not to fire your friend because you have always been ignoring his mistakes. Also, your friend takes you for granted that you will not sack him for any reason.

2. Friends get envious easily. If your friend fails, you feel bad but if your friend comes first…….. you feel worse. So your friend may feel jealous and envy you if he sees you getting success.

1. All working situations require distance. A certain amount of distance is required in all the relationships. Now in this case when you are with your friend the whole day, ignoring his mistakes, taking decisions with him etc., your friend will certainly take you for granted which is not a good thing in business.

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French philosopher Voltaire says “Lord, protect me from my friends, I can take care of my enemies”.

Now we will discuss 5 reasons why it is good to use your enemies (from 6:21 min):

5. They are your best critics. If you want to take an opinion in improving something, your friends may hesitate to give you the right opinion, they may just say that everything is good but your enemies will find out your faults and convey them to you.

4. They keep us alert. Since you know that he is your enemy, that’s why you are always alert and focused and you tend to make lesser mistakes.

3. Robert Greene’s book “48 Laws of Power”. The second chapter of this book also says not to trust your friends. You may trust your enemies.

2. An enemy doesn’t expect. He would not expect that you would always keep quite even if he gets late often.

Napoleon said “better to have a known enemy than to have a forced ally”.

1. More enemies you have, more successful you are. If you are successful, you are most likely to have enemies.

To sum up, it is always good to have friends but in business, your enemies are more beneficial for you.

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