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We often face challenges in life that become hurdles in the success of business and sales. In this video Mr Anurag Aggarwal tell about those 10 types of attitudes that stop you from moving forward in business.

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10. “What would others think” attitude. This is the biggest fear that most people have. We worry about others’ opinion too much. This is your life. Live it your way. Become a shameless self-promoter. Nobody would come to you to invite you to join his/her company. Sell your business yourself initially and hire a team for the same later.

9. “I can’t do it” attitude is something that breaks the person completely. Life gives you many challenges. Accept them. Face them bravely. Who doesn’t have difficulties in life? If you think you can’t do it, you can’t do it. If you think you can, you can. Success depends on fellows will. Don’t think negative about yourself. Feel confident. You are GOD.

8. “I know everything” attitude. If you believe that you know everything, then there is no scope left for learning. You can’t pour tea in an already full cup. If you want to pour some new tea, you will first have to unpour the previous one. Similarly, if you want to increase your sale, you will have to drop this attitude because then only you will be willing to learn new things.

7. “It’s not about money” attitude. People who say this at a particular time, money is the most important thing for them at that moment (as it is seen often). They are just giving an excuse by saying this. Instead of making an excuse, tell them straight away if you think that price is high. Don’t shy away in saying this. Learn to say NO.

6. “It’s impossible” attitude. Why do you think something is impossible? Take it as “I M Possible”. If you are scared of failure, then never expect to win. Always think that everything you want to do is possible.

Click here to watch the full video (in Hindi).

5. “I will try” attitude. Why do you use such excuses? Simply say yes or no and whatever decision you take, don’t alter it. If you have made a commitment, live up to it under any circumstance.

4. “I have a bad luck” attitude. Do not blame your luck for everything you do. If you are not excited about your product, your team will also be the same. God is within us, not outside. Have faith in yourself. You make your luck by practice and hard work.

3. “I am busy” attitude. If you say this, that means you are not doing your business properly. A person who is handling the business smoothly will never say anything like this. You can always find time for things you enjoy doing. You can find time if you are organized. A good businessman always has time for himself and his family.

2. “That’s not my fault” attitude. This is what your employees must be saying to you generally. You may be saying this to your business partner or in your family. Avoid saying this. Start taking responsibility of what you have done. Every person thinks that he is right and the other person is wrong but this is not the way it is.

1. “This is not my work” attitude. A good leader is the one who gives credit to the others for good work and takes the responsibility if something goes wrong. So never say that this is not my work. Become a good leader.

Click here to watch the full video (in Hindi).

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