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how to sell your products | Business coach Anurag Aggarwal | Business Training

Today we will be discussing how to sell your products in business? In business, sales and marketing play a key role. it is very easy to sell your products if you know how to sell but it will be very difficult for those who don’t know it.

In business training, you are given many tips and solutions to numerous problems that are discussed by businessmen. Here, one tip will be given at the end which is a sure shot to sell your products. Before that, let us discuss some ifs and buts and some disclaimers about the same.

How to Sell Your Products

Let us begin to learn what it takes to sell your products.

1.   Personality (Inner and outer personality) of the person who wants to sell his products matters. Your communication skills, your confidence, your mother tongue influence, your education etc. also counts. Outer personality includes your clothes, shoes, accessories, your body language, mannerisms, etiquettes, the vehicle you are using etc. Your leadership skills, team leader qualities, writing skills, smart work, hard work, speaking skills, confidence, extroverted, outgoing, punctuality, disciplined, organized/planned, structured, work domain knowledge, interpersonal skills, honesty, sense of humor, proficiency in language, self-motivated, bold, courageous, decision taking, determined, perseverance, knowledgeable/educated, empathy, reliable, out of the box thinking, learning attitude, proper planning form a part of your inner personality.  If you want to sell your product, you should be good with your outer personality as well as your inner personality.

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2.   Whenever you go to your customer, you should have a win-win situation that means a situation which is profitable to both of you. Your customer will not buy a product if he does not find any profit in it. You cannot work life long just by looking at your profit and not the customers’. Making profit and making customers, both are important.

3.   Have a risk-taking attitude. There is risk in every situation of life but people think that there is risk in business and sales. But the risk in business is worth taking if you want to change your life. Is there any profession which does not have risk except government job? There isn’t. Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook, also says that not taking the risk is the biggest risk itself. When you take risks, you either win or you learn. You never fail.

4.   You should be able to solve the problem of the customers. You customer is not bothered about how many cars you have, how many chandeliers you have, how much money you have. What he is concerned about is your ability to give solution to his problem. For instance, no one knows how much money OLA and Uber are earning, knows one knows their net worth but what one is concerned about is which car comes first to pick him up and who charges lesser amount. Similarly, while selling your product you should make sure that you have the solutions to the customers’ problems.

5.   The salesperson should have the knowledge of the competitors. When a salesperson visits a customer to pitch the sale, he should have complete knowledge of the products that are being supplied by the competitors. He should know about their USPs and also their weak points. If you know all these things, you would be able to present your products in a better way.

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6.   Schedule yourself in the best possible way. If your business is small or micro, you may have to do all the tasks yourself. If your business is medium or large sized then you will make your team do all the tasks. As a businessman you must make sure that the scheduling of your team is done every month, every week and every day. It should not be skipped for whatsoever reason.

7.   What is your prospect? Are you in B2B or B2C? If you are in B2B, then you would generally get your prospect either in the morning or in the afternoon. If you are in B2C, then you would usually get your prospects on weekends. So, you have to set your schedule according to your prospect customers.

8.   Sale is a number game. The more you would contact people, the better would be your sales. Connect with your prospects through various sources like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, JustDial, SMS, E-Mail, Instagram etc. The more you connect, the more you will get.

9.   And last but not the least, one thing that is utmost important, that is JUST DO IT. If you just keep watching such sales videos, listening to some sales tips, reading sales books but do not follow them at all then there is absolutely no point. So as Nike says, “Just DO It”. And do it right now. Think what can be done and just execute it right now. If you go to some of your prospects, you would never come without earning something. You may take hundreds of business trainings or business courses but you would surely not get anything without doing, without executing.

These were some important things to be taken care of when you want to sell your product. Click here to watch full video in Hindi.

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