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The life of a businessman depends on how he chooses it to be- easy or difficult. With experience, business tips, some business training or business courses they learn a lot of new things. But there are some basic things without which no business can ever be successfully run.

What are those things without which your business can’t run?

  • 1. Define business goals. To give the business a good place, first of all it is necessary to set the goals. Our goals can be of 10 types on the basis of time:
  1. Final goal (after death)- How you want to be remembered after your death.
  2. Long term goal- From 20 years till death
  3. Mid term goal- 5yrs to 20yrs
  4. Short term goal- 1yr to 5yrs
  5. Yearly goal- 1yr
  6. Monthly goal- 1 month
  7. Weekly goal- 1 week
  8. Daily goal- 24 hrs
  9. Hourly goal- 60min
  10. Micro short term goal- 5min

If want to take your business to a good height, it is very important to define different types of goals.

On the basis of nature, goals can be of types:

  1. Spiritual
  2. Mental
  3. Physical
  4. Financial
  5. Name, fame & image
  6. Socialising
  7. Social work
  8. Entertainment
  9. Travel/adventure
  10. Sexual/gratification

You will have to define your financial goal in business, where do you want to reach, where do see yourself 5-10 yrs after. This would also avoid some common financial mistakes that businessmen often do.

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A business without a goal is just like cricket without wicket.

Now how should you set your goals?

Set SMART goals- Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time bound

Be specific about what you want, define it properly.

It should be measurable mentioned in numbers (Do not say I want to be very rich, be specific about how much money do you think you should have to be called as rich).

You should set a goal that can be achieved and not just for the sake of setting.

Set goals that are not too high to be realistic.

Mention the time by when you want to achieve your goal. Remember that you must write your goal in present tense. For example, “I have red Mercedes S-Class worth Rs 1.36Cr on 31st Dec 2020.

After you have set your goal, you now need to have a picture of your goal right in front of your eyes. Place in on your dining table, study table, in front of your bed, in the bathroom, on your office table etc. You must see your goal day in and day out. If your goal would be right in front of you all the time, then only would you work hard for it and achieve it.

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  • 2. Do things differently. If you are doing what you have been doing till now, then you will get what you have got till now. If you want to take your business to new heights, then do something different, something out of the box, do something that no one else has done.
  • 3. Keep yourself feather light. The lighter you keep your business, the better it would be. Ola, Uber do the same thing. They do not have too many of their own cars or employees. Similarly, Oyo has employees which are of contractors, not their own. Their own employees are very less. So, use outsourcing, affiliate marketing, franchise or collaborations. This would help in keeping your business light would help in scaling your business.
  • 4. Good working habits. Train’s speed depends on its engine. Faster the engine, the faster the train. It also depends on the track that has been chosen. Now who is the engine of your business? You yourself are the engine of your business. You habits define you. Keep yourself organized, be in the habit of reaching office on time, keep yourself fit, manage your time well, sleep early & wake up early, be presentable, maintain personal hygiene etc. All these things have a positive impact on your business. Good habits will help in scaling the business.
  • 5. Keep yourself motivated. If you will be focused, you will be motivated and this motivation will scale your business. A lot of problems are faced while running a business and if you are not focused, not motivated then you may lose interest in your business and start looking for other options. Being focused and being motivated go hand in hand and help in scaling the business.
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  • 6 . Keep your employees motivated. Your employees are extremely important for your business and so is employee management. So, it is important to look after employee welfare too. Take them for an off-site training, provide them with a friendly work environment. Your employees should enjoy while working and not take it as a burden. Keep them motivated. Trust them for a trusted future.

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