Impromtu Speech Training | Public Speaking Course by Anurag Aggarwal
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Impromtu Speech Training | Public Speaking Course by Anurag Aggarwal

In public speaking, it is seen that podiums can be really helpful for some speakers but it may be a big hindrance for others. Some amateur speakers or people who lack confidence in speaking before the audience also try to hide behind it. But, a podium can be a really useful tool while speech delivery or while giving a presentation if it is used effectively and smartly.

Podium can help in bringing the attention of the audience to the speaker as the speaker walks towards the podium. The audience would know that the speech/ presentation is about to begin.

Tips on Using a Podium in Public Speaking

Here are some important tips on using a podium in public speaking or while giving a presentation:

1. You don’t need to stand behind the podium throughout your presentation. You move here and there on the stage from time to time but make sure that you have a microphone handy.

2. If moving around, keep your notes on the podium itself and come and glance at them when you feel the need.

3. See to it that the height of the podium is apt for you to speak. If it is short, then place a riser under it and if you are shorter then ask for a riser for yourself and place it behind the podium.

4. Place the podium where you want to. Generally, a podium is placed at one side especially when you are giving a Powerpoint Presentation or showing something on the projector.

5. If you are standing behind the podium, take a few steps back so as to avoid leaning on the podium or slouching on or around it. If you do so, your quality of voice may suffer.

6. Maintaining a small gap between you and the podium will help you in using your hands freely and naturally as in public speaking your body language plays a vital role.

7. Standing straight at the podium would also enhance the authenticity of your voice, it would be clearer and easier to understand.

8. If the podium is a see- through one, then make sure not to place too many things on it. If possible, keep only your notes on it.

9. See to it that the notes, props etc. placed on the podium are yours and not someone else’s.

10. You may make yourself comfortable at the podium by taking a few seconds before you begin to speak. Place your notes, adjust your mic and while doing this you should not look at the audience. Once you are ready with everything, look up to the audience, smile at them and start.

11. If your podium is with a light and you are using this light, make sure that your face should be clearly visible to the audience.

12. Avoid back and forth movement with the podium. Do not tap your feet on the base of the podium. These movements can distract the attention of the audience.

13. If you feel that the audience is losing interest in your speech, try to move around the stage. Moving away from the podium from time to time can help in gaining the interest of the audience again.

14. When you are behind the podium, the audience sometimes may feel separated. So if you can sense such a feeling, you must come out from behind the podium.

These were some tips to be kept in mind while using a podium in public speaking.

The utility of a podium also depends on the size of the audience. A podium is most effective in a meeting or presentation with less audience but when the audience is really large, it may not be feasible to use the podium all the time.

If you wish to get the experience of public speaking by speaking before the audience or get more confident with it, feel free to get the details of the public speaking course by Mr Anurag Aggarwal in Delhi NCR. Visit or call 7834-99-9292.


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