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How to Find Speech Topics

Do you struggle to find a good speech topic to captivate your audience? Have you got a lot of thoughts on topics but just can’t seem to decide what to speak on? Well, then you will find it comforting to know that in public speaking it is indeed a tougher job to find the right speech topic than even presenting your speech. The interesting fact is not only the budding speakers but the experienced speakers too find the process of selecting the right speech topic painful and tedious. Now, here comes the good news! It is time for you to keep your troubles at bay because you have come to the right place. You do not have to go through a distressing and tiresome process ever again. Follow this straightforward framework to be crafty at picking up the right speech topic while you narrow down your thoughts.

How to Find Speech Topics

1. Analyze Your Audience

Remember a speaker speaks for an audience; not for himself. So it is of utmost importance that you always know who your audience is way before you decide on your topic. This does not mean you should know each one of them personally but the common factors among the individuals that will make up your audience. Get hold of information like their demographics, ethnic background, professions, and belief system. Being aware of these factors will help you to select a topic that is relevant to your audience; a topic that they will find enthralling.

2. Identify What the Speaking Event is All About

This is not something to be told what would happen to a speaker talking about erotic fictions on the occasion of Indian Independence Day. You can imagine that well. Can’t you? So, it is necessary to find out and understand the purpose of the event where you will give your speech. You cannot speak on any randomly chosen topic on the stage. You have to speak on a topic that matches the purpose and nature of the event. So, you have to choose a topic that is relevant and fit for the purpose of the event. That will save you from being a laughing stock in the market.

3. Get Your Knowledge Checked

Before selecting a topic, make sure you have enough knowledge, insight and personal experiences related to it. Otherwise there are heavy chances for you to get stuck on your audience’s questions. You can make a list of the topics and then the subtopics of each of them. Narrow down that list to some topics that you could speak confidently while keeping the other frameworks in mind.

4. Identify Your Interest and Passion

It is always fun to speak on the topic that you love and are passionate about. Bear in mind the above mentioned steps and think about some relevant topics that interest you. Do not just speak for the sake of your audience. Your interests matter a lot because it will make your speech enjoyable and enthusiastic not only for your audience but also for you.

Even after following this framework, if you get stuck, just do not worry; for you can always consult an experienced public speaking trainer to guide you to choose the best topic for your speech. A public speaking trainer has necessary knowledge and skill to help you to evolve as a public speaker.

So, it is now confirmed that you can kick out stress from your head and enjoy the process of finding the best topic for your speech. Good luck!