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Public Speaking Tips and Tricks

Public speaking is one of the most common fears people have. They have butterflies in their stomach the moment they face to face a large audience and speak on the stage.

Is public speaking really important or is it over hyped? Let us see some examples to get the answer.

If an owner of a brand gives an outstanding speech for launching a product, the product sees a great demand. How politicians convince us with their speech determines if we would vote for them.

So, do we get an answer for the above question? Yes, public speaking skills are really essential.

Your speaking skill is what can develop your personality as a leader.

There are many tips and tactics to make your speeches and interviews more powerful and tackle the anxiety and stage fear. Here are a few:

  1. Nervousness? That’s normal. The way to curb that is preparing and practising. You may sweat, your hands may shiver but don’t let them affect your performance. Just focus on your performance and give it your best shot. Practise your notes many times. Practise, practise and practise. Record your video and see it again and again to bring improvements.
  2. Knowing your audience in advance is always a good way to prepare accordingly. According to audience, you can choose the information to be given, its level and words to be chosen for communication.
  3. Your audience should have something that they can take home. They should have something that can be applied immediately. Your message may be impactful but it will last longer if the audience can apply it.
  4. Organize your speech. Your speech should be prepared in an organized manner which should be easy to understand. Pay special attention on the sequence of speech. It should be such that the audience does not lose interest.
  5. Is someone asking you a question? That’s wonderful. They are listening to you. Count it as your achievement. If you have an answer to the question in further slides, address it accordingly. Nervousness here should be strictly avoided.
  6. Give examples and add some humour. This would give a personal touch to the audience and would help in retaining the attention of the audience in your speech.
  7. Look for feedback. The audience given by your audience is precious, value it and take necessary actions. If you have to change your speech for your audience, do it. Keep yourself flexible.
  8. Use voice modulation and body language effectively. Do not overuse. Overusing may lead to distraction and may leave a negative impact on the audience.

You may never get perfect in your communication skills or public speaking skills, but the key is to practice and to grab whatever opportunities come your way. You will see yourself progressing and becoming a better public speaker.

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