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We have often heard that first impression is the last impression and this is true in the case of public speaking also. You hardly get a second chance to create your impression. So when you begin the speech, it’s very important to make a positive impression on your audience.

How you start your speech is the basis of judgement by the audience about you. You have 25-30 seconds to make an impression so it is always good to start your speech confidently and appropriately. Here are some suggestions on how you can start your speech:

  1. Begin by Referring to a Current Event- You may start with a current event/news and smoothly move on to your topic by relating both the things.
  2. Asking a Question- You may begin your speech by asking a question from the audience. When you ask the question, you may raise your hand so as to indicate what you expect the audience to do. When you start with a question, the audience tends to start thinking and get involved. Sum up the answers given by the audience and shift on to your topic.
  3. Quotation- Starting your speech with a famous quotation/saying relevant to your topic can also be a good option especially when you talk about leadership or positive attitude. Quotation may provide some information or surprise the audience.
  4. Start with a Story- Who is not fond of listening to stories? We all have been listening to stories since our childhood. So you may start a story with “Once upon a time, …………………..” like we usually do. This immediately grabs the attention of the audience.
  5. Compliment the Audience- You may choose to begin by saying something that impressed you honestly about the group. You may tell them that it is an honor to be speaking before them and that they are the kind of people you look forward to for sharing your ideas.

Here we have shared only a few ways how you can start your speech. There are many other ways of connecting with the audience right from the beginning. You also need to see to it that your audience does not lose interest once created.

Start your speech with confidence and maintain it till the end.

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