Your Brand or Job Work - Business Training by Anurag Aggarwal
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In this video, Mr Aggarwal speaks about whether to have your own brand or not. Watch full video here. 5 major things to be taken care of when you want to go for branding are: Is it profitable? Calculate the profit. Is it expandable? Can you expand it all over India? Can you it a… Continue reading YOUR BRAND OR JOB WORK

How to Break Factory Strike- Business Training by Anurag Aggarwal
Business Training


I have faced factory strikes many times earlier when I had the business of corrugated boxes and garments and from all those factory strikes I have learnt that no person gains out from these factory strikes (except for that one person because of whom these may occur). Workers, labourers, society and even the country- all… Continue reading HOW TO BREAK YOUR FACTORY STRIKE?

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If you want to become a big businessman, then you must take care of a few things. Following are a few business tips that can help you improve in your business. Don’t waste your time. The first thing you must take care of is time. You are the engine of your business and your employees… Continue reading AVOID THESE 6 THINGS TO BECOME A GREAT BUSINESSMAN

Business Training


There are many myths that are related to business. In this business training video, we are going to discuss about these myths (with their ifs, buts and disclaimers if any). A little knowledge is dangerous for business. You have to think before taking any step in business. But this does not mean that you would… Continue reading BUSINESS SENSE

Fundamentals of Business | Anurag Aggarwal
Business Training


Let us discuss here the fundamentals of business: First and the foremost question is: are you ready to face the challenges in business emotionally? A businessman should have a strong Emotional Intelligence. Your emotional health is measured with Emotional Quotient. All those businessmen who do not know how to tackle tensions and worries in business,… Continue reading FUNDAMENTALS OF BUSINESS

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Make Quick Money | Anurag Aggarwal
Business Training


Good morning friends, "Make money quickly" Today I would present my talk starting with three examples. Example 1. My very close friend's dad has earned nearly 5 cr in the last 50 years. Example 2. That friend's father in law has earned a whooping 50 cr in only last 15 years. Example 3. And there… Continue reading MAKE QUICK MONEY

Shameless Self Promotion |Anurag Aggarwal
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Shameless Self Promotion

  “Don't brag!!” “Stop talking about yourself.” “Don't praise yourself.” “Don't blow your own trumpet.” We have grown up listening to all this stuff, haven't we? People have been keen on teaching us lessons on humility. Actions speak louder than words, true, but if we don't tell people what we can do we might not… Continue reading Shameless Self Promotion

Thinking Out of the Box | Anurag Aggarwal
Business Training

Thinking Out of The Box

How often do you take risks in business? Do you actually think the way others’ can’t to make your business bigger? If you want to be successful in business take risks, innovate, think out of the box and have a courageous heart. Before becoming a skills trainer, I was a highly successful fashion designer and… Continue reading Thinking Out of The Box